Manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality plastic formwork under the TEPI brand name across India. Our products are specially used in Heavy Duty sectors like Highways, Bridges and Dams, Aquariums, Water Bodies, and commercial and residential apartments across India

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tepi plastic formwork manufacturers across india for construction work


Manufacturers And Suppliers of Plastic Shuttering

TEPI Formwork India is a leading and best formwork manufacturing company located in Bangalore. Polymetal Industries is one of the only companies in the shuttering industries in India, which have tried the combination of Polymers with Metal. With expertise in crafting top-tier recycled plastic formwork accompanied by robust steel support frames, we have pioneered an eco-friendly, reliable & economical substitute for conventional ply and aluminum formwork

Our shuttering products are a great solution for creating a greener future. Not only does it help to reduce waste and conserve resources, but it’s also incredibly durable and cost-effective. With its 100% recyclable materials and over 100 times reusable Formwork, it’s easy to see why TEPI Formwork Bangalore is quickly becoming the go-to choice for sustainable construction.


Production Capacity of 1000 SQ.FT Per day.


Supplied Over 4,00,000 SQ.FT of Material all over India.


Successfully served over 150 satisfied clients across the nation.

TEPI Plastic Shuttering Products


Plastic Shuttering Products Applications

TEPI Plastic Shuttering is designed and manufactured to meet the unique parameters of concrete pressure and finish. Our system comprises calibrated combinations of Steel Frames and Recycled Polymer Boards, which are user-friendly, lightweight, sustainable, and long-lasting.

1. Plinth Concreting
2 . Column Footing
3. Shear Wall
4. Retaining Wall Formwork
5. Raft Formwork
6. Single Pour Concrete
7. Monolithic special-purpose Aquariums and Domes
8. Rectangular & Circular Water Tanks
9. Stair Case
10. Culvert Mould
11. Pedestal, Etc.

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Benefits of TEPI Plastic Formwork

Our products are a combination of polymer and steel Plastic being supported by Metal like MS Tubes makes our Shuttering stronger than other types of formwork while still maintaining sustainability & ease of use.

Support heavy-duty construction A friendly and easy alternative for most of the heavy dusty constructions like roads, bridges, high-rise structures, heavy columns, retaining wall formwork, tanks and roof slabs.

Incredibly Durable, Robust and Cost-effective

Moisture and High Temperature Resistance

Light Weight and Easy To Handle

Easy to Assemble and Dismantle

Good Quality Finish and Safety

Formwork meeting international standards

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When building concrete structures, formwork is essential. It makes perfect sense to select systems built from high-quality materials and intended for optimum efficiency and reliability, as they contribute to ensuring the stability and dependability of your projects. TEPI aims to offer its clients formworks that are user-friendly, safe, and effective. We put forth a lot of effort every day to make sure that our products satisfy the particular demands and specifications of our clients. Please use the form below to request more information about our products; we will respond to you as soon as we can.



Polymetal Industries, No 199, Opp: Brigade Meadows Main Gate, Kanakapura Road, Saluhunase, Bangalore – 560082

Phone: +91 91-9686815028 | +91 9606885610

Email: contact@tepiformwork.com

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